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Updated: May 9

CONGRATULATIONS to Lotus, winner of the Zap Xclusive: Free Music Video Competition!

THANK YOU to all of our participants, all of the voters and all of the supporters.

XCLUSIVE Interview with Lotus

How does it feel winning the Zap Xclusive Free Music Video Competition?

Winning the Zap Xclusive Free Music Video Competition felt like a breath of fresh air to me. It really showed me that people really see me and they do notice all of my hard work as I am becoming. It felt very rewarding, blissing see how hard my community goes for me; they really ride for me. All in all I’m just so very thankful and grateful that I was graced to do this with the great Kayak himself! He is totally amazing. He actually had me a bit nervous during the competition because I know how great he is and his work truly speaks for itself.

What inspired and motivated you to pursue your music career & at what age?

It was a very young age when realized I loved music and performing, there was never a time in my life where I’ve went on stage and felt like I did not belong there. If there was a mic , I’d always gravitate to it . I’ve always wanted to be center stage singing dancing with a light shining on me. Telling this story, is very sentimental to me… what helped motivate me take this leap of faith was when I used to work at an elementary schoo; I used to write shows and choreograph dances for the students at the school to perform. I worked on it time and time again time and while I was cleaning up after one of the shows , I was singing on stage and just moving, and one of the students saw me and she asked me, why don’t I do this for myself? I’m pretty young. Why not go for it? After I heard that i took it as a sign to take a leap of faith. It’s always the passion in my eyes that I get when I see a stage I always felt like I belong there. Watching people like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, and Lauryn Hill altogether, and we can’t forget the great Michael Jackson of course inspired me so much to become who I am today . Through the love of music and art, listening to different sounds and genres my grandparents and parents would play in the house also inspired me, the music was just so beautiful, The different vibes were different and made me feel alive.

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to face?

My biggest obstacle in the very beginning of my journey was really pulling supporters or having the ability to be taken seriously when wanting to work with people because I’m a woman, a darkskin slim woman. Another obstacle I had to face while making music was having very opinionated people in my air, robbing me of the chance to give myself a chance. Overtime everything started getting better with how I’m being supported and represented.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment, I would say is simply believing in myself and never giving up while trusting God in the process of bringing me through any obstacles. I was able to touch and inspire so many others even as I was just getting myself started. I ln this accomplishment, I was able to teach others to work with what they got because what they have is good enough ! I’ve gotten the opportunity to grace so many different stages, meet a lot of different people and simply make them my family. This accomplishment is a sign to me that I’m really doing something right taking it step-by-step and it’s going up !

What do you have in store for the fans to look forward to next?

Well, I don’t wanna spill all the beans, but I have some pretty dope collaborations coming through soon and a summer banger ! I also have some dope visuals, coming out for my new song “ My Homie” which is going to drop April 30, 2024.

Photos by: @tjpriceproductions

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